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Committee on the Uniform Series

The CUS holds a work group meeting in March of every year. All licensed users of the Guide and HDBR come together to collaborate in the development of lesson outlines, elect officers, and fellowship through common meals and shared worship. The March 2023 meeting was held in Louisville, KY. 

Pictured here, front row (left to right):
 Wellington Johnson (SSPBNBC), Foluke Ole (Nigerian Baptist Convention), Beth Herrinton-Hodge (PCUSA), Tanae Murdic (SSPBNBC), Jane Ann Kenney (David C. Cook), Darrell Pursiful (Consultant). Bishop Vashti McKenzie (NCC), Catherine Powell (AME), Garland Pierce (AME). 

Back row (left to right): Michelle Thiery (SSPBNBC), Tajuan Kyles (AME-Zion), Adrian V. Nelson II (AME-Zion), Joe Tribble (SSPBNBC), Stephen Osborn (Helping Hand Ministries), John Hill (Cross and Crown), Keith Swartzendruber (NCC), Lindsay Black (David C. Cook), Tammy Wiens (NCC), Faith Waters (AME), David Maxwell (PCUSA), J. Herbert Nelson II (PCUSA).

As the Committee on the Uniform Lessons Series enters (CUS) its 16th decade of ecumenical partnership, the partners continue to facilitate a common study of scripture for the whole church. CUS is a collaborative project to develop lesson outlines which are then licensed for use in a wide variety of Bible study and Sunday School resources. The diversity of CUS partners spreads across traditional NCC member communions to independent churches and Christian publishers. Through the use of CUS materials, churches around the world study scripture together.