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The Sesquicentennial Celebration Continues!

In 2022, the Committee on the Uniform Lessons Series (CUS) marked 150 years of educational ministry in service to the Church—a sesquicentennial celebration! There is no other cooperative movement for the study of the Bible equal to this. The contributing partners to the CUS are convinced that their approach to a systematic study of Scripture is as valuable for the church’s educational ministry today as it was in the beginning, though in our 16th decade of ecumenical partnership, we recognize that congregations are engaging Christian learning in ways that may look different from what was typical of church life in the early 1900s or even the mid-1900s. The CUS leadership is constantly assessing our patterns for development to see how we can better serve the spiritual formation of learners across the life span and address the emerging needs of the Church in the 21st century. To that end, the Scope and Sequence team for Cycle 25 (2026–2032) has returned to outlines organized around Bible book studies in contrast to the thematic approaches of the previous two cycles. The title of this Scripture-oriented approach is “We Have a Story to Tell.” Elected CUS representatives to the Scope and Sequence Committee (2020-2023) have completed an annotated outline for the first three years of the cycle (Fall 2026 through Summer 2029). If you are interested in developing a curriculum based on CUS outlines, please reach out to Keith or Tammy for more information.