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One of the most talked-about books this summer has the provocative title, “The End of White Christian America.”  The author is well-known to the faith community in Washington, Robert P. Jones of the Public Religion Research Institute.

Today we will have a rich, fast-paced conversation with one of the leading researchers of today’s religious landscape.  We will talk about the book, the author’s findings, their importance to the future of Christianity in America, and what it all means in the context of today’s contentious political landscape.

On the inside leaf of the cover, Robert Jones’s book, “The End of White Christian America,” asserts that “America is no longer a majority white Christian nation.”  In fact, he states that 1993 was the last year when white Protestants constituted a majority of the population.  Whether you believe this is a positive or negative development in American history, Jones asserts that this represents a massive shift that has some bearing upon the current political climate.  As a serious researcher who grew up in the South, Jones has a reputation for always speaking the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable, and having the data to back up his assertions.  This interview was one of the most stimulating and thought-provoking conversations I’ve had yet in this podcast.

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