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By Rev. Sheila P. Spencer, Disciples Home Missions, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)


Life has been different for us this season in that we are doing things we have never had to do.  Yet You are faithful for this reason – the Church can always shine through.  Help us remember that the Church was never meant to be confined within the four walls of a physical place. We, the People, are the church and we are designed to inhabit and bring light to every space.  We are worshipping in virtual spaces and not physically with each other.  Yet we are still together, spiritually connecting with each other. Social distancing cannot be social disconnection.  You stretch us and invite us to come together in new ways for each other. Remind us to be more intentional to love, pray, care for, check on and be encouraging to one another.  After our prayers to you, remind us to put legs on those prayers by moving in the direction of what we are called to do.