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In early November, hundreds of clergy came to Cannon Ball, North Dakota, at the invitation of the Standing Rock Sioux Nation, to join in the protest against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline through reservation land.  I attended that protest, and while there I met Mariama White-Hammond, today’s guest.

Rev. White-Hammond

Today we will talk with two leaders concerned with this controversial pipeline and hear about the issues that come together in it: water quality, the rights of indigenous people, and climate change.  The Episcopal Church’s Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has said about the protests at Standing Rock, ““I want to now suggest that Standing Rock may be the new Selma.” Our guests are the Rev. Mariama White-Hammond, and Shantha Ready Alonso of Creation Justice Ministries. We will also discuss a key part of the witness of the churches at Standing Rock, the public repudiation of the “Doctrine of Discovery.”

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