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The National Council of Churches stands with the Beth Israel Congregation in Colleyville, Texas, and all in the Jewish community who were impacted by the hostage situation on Saturday. It was a violation of sacred space and jeopardized the sanctity of being able to gather for worship without fear or interference. This kind of hate and violent action cannot be tolerated. We are grateful and relieved that the hostages were unharmed.

While we have sent private messages to our many Jewish allies and partners and will continue to lift them in our prayers, we recognize that whenever sacred space is violated, thoughts and prayers are not enough. We know that much more work has to be done to end antisemitism and to ensure that we fight antisemitic beliefs and actions wherever they may be found. It starts with us and we reaffirm our commitment and priority to advocate for peace and justice for all.

NCC’s 2021 Statement: Decrying the Recent Rise in Antisemitism