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The National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA mourns the loss of life at the Al-Rawdah Mosque in Bir al-Abd, Egypt.  We categorically condemn the terrorist attack that caused it.  Indeed, this attack demonstrates the reality that all people are potential targets of extremist violence, and that in the case of terrorism perpetrated by the self-proclaimed Islamic State and other terrorist groups, the larger group of victims are Muslims themselves.

This terrorist attack targeted a Sufi Mosque. Sufi Muslims uphold enlightened views of tolerance, interfaith understanding, an appreciation for the openness to others exhibited at the beginning of Islam, and a voice of reason in today’s multi-religious context.

The NCC stands together with all of its Muslim friends and neighbors at this time of shock and sadness.  We have participated for decades in fruitful Muslim-Christian dialogue, which continues to this day and has been the source of many interfaith friendships and initiatives building peace and harmony among peoples.  In September, the NCC also led a delegation to Egypt (and Lebanon and Israel / Palestine), where we met with both Christian and Muslim Egyptians who are working diligently and faithfully for the same goals in their own society.