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NCC Continues to Advocate for a Clean Debt Ceiling Bill
As the debt ceiling crisis looms, the NCC continues to urge Congress to pass legislation that raises the debt ceiling without attaching conditions that are harmful to the American people. The Limits, Savings, and Growth Act of 2023 (H.R. 2811) passed by House Republicans includes detrimental cuts to programs that support low-income children and families, college students, seniors, and veterans. To avoid the impact of cuts on the most vulnerable among us, the NCC urges member communions to reach out to members of Congress and tell them to oppose debt ceiling legislation that would cut food safety, economic opportunity, and environmental stewardship. This week, the NCC continued its high-level engagement with legislators on this critical issue, meeting with members of Congress from both the House and Senate leadership. In the coming weeks, NCC will sponsor a Call Your Legislators campaign that addresses the debt ceiling and other policy issues.