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NCC Calls for End to Political Brinksmanship and Swift Passage of Debt Ceiling Legislation
As of Friday, the White House and Republican members of Congress were still in negotiations about critical provisions of the Debt Ceiling bill. Part of those discussions have included harmful proposals that would result in millions of Americans losing vital assistance that enables them to purchase necessities such as food, access medical care, and cover other essential expenses like housing and transportation. This week, NCC issued a statement Condemning the Political Debt-Ceiling Brinksmanship that Threatens to Harm Millions of Americans. If America defaults on paying its bills, not only will those who depend on monthly benefits to survive to be phased out of nutrition, healthcare, and cash assistance programs due to unfair time limits and other unreasonable requirements; but all Americans will be impacted by the likely recession, stock market crash, and the government’s limited access to cash flow that will result from a financial catastrophe of this magnitude. Hundreds of millions will suddenly be at risk of falling into extreme poverty. On Thursday, May 25, NCC held the first day of the Call Your Legislators Campaign, which urged NCC member communions, partners, and supporters to call and write their members of Congress and tell them that defaulting on America’s bills is irresponsible, taking food and healthcare from people is immoral, and that they should pass a debt ceiling bill before the June 1 deadline with no conditions.