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Debt Ceiling Legislation Awaits President’s Signature
This week, the House and Senate passed the debt ceiling deal reached by President Biden and House Republicans by broad bipartisan margins. While the agreement prevents a financial disaster, it fails to provide food security for older recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Under the agreement, SNAP beneficiaries must adhere to unfair time limits and other unreasonable requirements. After the debt ceiling vote in the House, NCC issued a statement, The Debt Ceiling Compromise Does Not Go Far Enough to Protect Vulnerable People, lamenting the hundreds of thousands of Americans who will no longer receive food assistance through SNAP, and the lack of culpability for wealthy people who defraud the tax system. President Biden will sign the bill into law tomorrow. During a special address to the nation Friday night, the President touted the bipartisan support for the agreement, saying, “No one got everything they wanted, but Americans got what they needed.” NCC condemns the display of political maneuvering and toxic polarization that led to a bill that does not reflect our best efforts to lift people out of poverty. NCC will continue to monitor future legislation and hold Congress accountable for any future cuts to social safety net programs.