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From Harold J. Recinos, Professor of Church and Society, Perkins School of Theology/SMU, Dallas, Texas

God of life and compassion,
you mend what is broken, unite
the scattered, give strength
to the tired, calm us of all fears,
and keep faith focused on the
mystery of the Word made flesh
in an unemployed carpenter from
a poor family who disclosed the
light of your truth and reconciling
union. God, enlighten us today to
learn once again to be your people
in service and agents of love in the
world filled with the light of your
Spirit. God of our deepest longing,
come upon us to still our anxious
souls, whisper in the long hours of
this day the joy obtained for us by
your Crucified Son, breathe life into
our weary hearts, give us patience
to deal with the unknown and the
slow movement of healing in our
broken world and remind us you
have been with us in every age
and even now are a refuge—the
one who gives comfort, clarity to
thought and the assurance that
storms will pass. God, by your
Spirit, remind us that sickness and
suffering do not have the last word
on this wondrous new day, instead
care, compassion, laughter, healing
and service to others in need will
speak of your presence through the
risen Christ at work in us, through
us and around us. Lord, come and
make us your peace in the world,
today. Amen.