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More about our weekly devotionals


Our weekly devotional series is offered to provide spiritual nourishment and inspiration during an unprecedented time of national crisis as we navigate the struggle against racism together.


Leaders from the member communions of the National Council of Churches were invited to submit prayers and meditations for the book United Against Racism: Churches for Change. Published in 2018, this book coincided with the launch rally of NCC’s ACT NOW: End Racism initiative which continues. Their writings are offered alongside a Scripture selection from the Home Daily Bible Readings, a publication of the Committee on the Uniform Series.


The Committee on the Uniform Series (CUS) operates under the governance and stewardship of the National Council of Churches (NCC). It is an ecumenical project that seeks to connect and educate Christians around a common set of Bible lessons, the Uniform Lesson Series— a form of lectionary for Christian education. The CUS Guide to Lessons is designed to cover every book of the Bible over a six-year cycle.  The Committee’s collaborative work reaches across the whole Church while respecting the uniqueness and integrity of each member communion. The lessons focus on plans for teaching children, youth, and adults around a common Biblical passage. The companion piece, the Home Daily Bible Readings, offers a daily text (Monday through Saturday) in support of the selected passage for the Sunday lesson. Learn more about their work here.