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“I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”
Matthew 25:35 NRSV

An alarming and dangerous precedent is being set by the administration as it allows states and localities to refuse to accept refugees. This promises to harm our national unity and encourage callousness. It tears at the moral fabric of our nation and calls into question our founding principles.


The news that the Trump administration will further limit refugee arrivals to the United States in 2020 is heartbreaking and cruel. The National Council of Churches and its member churches, along with agencies including Church World Service, have assisted refugee resettlement in this nation for many years. We do so out of our Christian convictions, because of biblical mandates, because many of our people are refugees and immigrants, and because it is the ethos of the United States to welcome the tired, the hungry, and those who yearn to breathe freely.


We urge the president to reverse course and we beg Congress to stop this malicious act from being implemented.