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by Cynthia Griffiths

The shootings across America, including several mass shootings on Easter Sunday in Pittsburgh, PA; Furman, SC; Baldwin, LA; Miami, FL; Portland, OR; Philadelphia, PA; and Sacramento, CA are part of a worsening plague of gun violence in the United States. According to the Gun Violence Archive, the number of shootings that killed or injured at least four people is much higher than it was at this point just a few years ago.

Because of the plethora of guns, small incidents, insults, and grievances that in the past would end in a scuffle or fist fight now end in a shooting death. Simple disputes among people gathered together in public lead to several people injured or killed. After the COVID-19 pandemic began, gun sales surged in 2020 and 2021 while a perception that the government could not protect people also grew. Stressors have grown between people during a time of isolation from their support systems.

We cannot allow ourselves to accept daily shootings as routine. In addition to enacting laws to stop the public health crisis of gun violence, our nation must also make funding for mental health resources a priority in order to expand mediation services, mentoring programs, counseling centers, and access to therapists and case managers in our communities.

Below are the policies and statements adopted by the NCC Governing Board regarding gun control.

Ending Gun Violence: A Resolution and Call to Action by the National Council of Churches of Christ, U.S.A. 2010 Reaffirmed 2018

Firearms Control Adopted by the General Board 1967

NCC Press Statements

Statement on Senseless Deaths Due to the Lack of Gun Laws 2021

Statement on the Shooting Deaths in Atlanta 2021

Gun Violence Must End Now 2019

NCC Laments Virginia Beach Shooting, Renews Call to End Gun Violence 2019

Statement on Parkland, Florida Mass Shooting 2018

We Mourn This Terrible Act: a joint statement by the NCC and the World Council of Churches 2017

We Grieve With Sutherland Springs, Call for Sensible Gun Measures 2017

Statement on Orlando Shooting 2016

NCC Applauds New Gun Rules 2016

NCC Laments Umpqua Shooting, Asks NRA to Join in Gun Violence Reduction Effort 2015

NCC Grieves With Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina 2015