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Since 1872 – for 150 years – the International Sunday School Lessons were developed for persons to study the scriptures by selecting, organizing, designing, and developing a plan for study of the whole Bible over a period of several years.

Today, the work of the Committee on the Uniform Series (CUS) operates under the governance and stewardship of the National Council of Churches (NCC). CUS continues to collaborate with educators and editors of denominational and independent publishing houses to produce and distribute resources for teachers and learners to use. The central objective remains the production of an ongoing course of study that assists editors, writers, and publishers in preparing Bible lessons for use across a diverse expanse of Protestant faith traditions so that participants may embody an enduring faith in Jesus Christ.

The CUS welcomes all NCC members and independent publishers to be full partners in the work of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and making disciples of all nations through the development and use of the Guide for Lesson Development, the premier Bible study curriculum outlines for all ages, and the Home Daily Bible Reading materials.

NCC will share the Home Daily Bible Reading through our social network accounts and we invite you to spread the word with us each day!