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The Complete Cessation of All Explosive Nuclear Testing

Adopted by NCCC Governing Board
May 4, 1977

WHEREAS the quest for a just peace and a responsible use of U.S. power requires that the issue of the nuclear threat be raised; and

WHEREAS the concern with the use of U.S. power is based on the Christian belief that God is Lord of Creation and man and woman have a responsibility to preserve and develop the created order, not to abuse and destroy it; and

WHEREAS the nuclear arms race is accelerating both in the multiplication of weapons systems and in the spread of weapons capabilities to additional countries; and

WHEREAS the National Council of Churches in 1968 called for a “comprehensive test ban treaty, taking into account available national means of detection and inspection” [1]; and

WHEREAS President Carter has declared he “would like to proceed quickly and aggressively with a comprehensive test ban treaty” and he is in “favor of eliminating the testing of all nuclear devices instantly and completely”[2] ;

THEREFORE, the National Council of Churches commends President Carter for this new disarmament initiative, urges him to pursue a treaty for complete cessation of all explosive nuclear testing by all nations with unrelenting vigor and courage, and urges its program units and member churches to take immediate action to encourage mobilization of public opinion and encourage citizen action toward the accomplishment of these goals.

1. Policy Statement, “Defense and Disarmament: New Requirements for Security” (adopted by the Governing Board, Sept. 12, 1968).

2. Congressional Record, January 24, 1977, p. S.1180.