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Resolution on Global Warming

Presented by the Eco-Justice Working Group, approved by the Justice and Advocacy Commission and the NCC Governing Board



“Christian Concern and Responsibility for Economic Life in a Rapidly Changing Technological Society,” adopted by the General Board of the National Council of Churches USA Governing Board, February 24, 1966

“The Ethical Implications of Energy Production and Use,” adopted by the National Council of Churches USA Governing Board, May 11, 1979



Prominent scientists and major, respected scientific bodies are in agreement that the Earth is warming because of human-induced carbon emissions. Global warming threatens the very fabric of God’s creation and will hit those who are least able to adapt – both human and nonhuman – the hardest. Because the Christian community is called to justice, to be good “neighbors” with our brothers and sisters across the globe, and to steward God’s creation, addressing global warming is a moral imperative and a Christian call.



The National Council of Churches has stated:


The rapidly expanding dimensions of (human) “dominion” over the earth and its physical resources call for new and deeper commitment to the Christian doctrine of stewardship … Natural resources, human techniques and institutions all together constitute an interlocking and interacting system of amazing complexity, precision and balance. [1]


An ecologically just society will be guided by the values of sustainability, fairness, and participation. Sustain ability refers to the earth’s limited capacity to provide resources and to absorb the pollution resulting from their use. Sustainability requires that biological and social systems which nurture and support life not be depleted or poisoned. Fairness refers to…an equitable distribution of the total benefits, and costs. [2]


Whereas the impacts of global warming, as currently predicted and understood by leading scientists and scientific bodies around the world including the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the National Academy of Sciences, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, will dramatically and negatively alter God’s gracious gift of creation and


Whereas the predicted impacts of global warming will have a disproportionate impact on those living in poverty and hunger, the elderly and infants, and those least responsible for the emissions of green house gases.




Expresses its deep concern for the pending environmental, economic, and social tragedies threatened by global warming to creation, human communities, and traditional sacred spaces

Urges the Federal Government to respond to global warming with greater urgency and leadership and gives support for mandatory measures that reduce the absolute amount of greenhouse gas emissions, and in particular emissions of carbon dioxide, to levels recommended by nationally and internationally recognized and respected scientific bodies.

Urges the Federal, State and Local Governments to support and invest in energy conservation and efficiency, sustainable and renewable, and affordable and sustainable transportation

Calls for business and industry to respond to global warming with increased investment in conservation and more efficient and sustainable energy technologies that are accessible, sustainable, and democratic.

Stands firmly with all of God’s children by urging that adaptive measures and financial support be forthcoming from government and industry to aid those directly impacted by global warming and in particular those least able to relocate, reconstruct, or cope with the current and pending impacts of climate change

Calls on all Christians, people of faith and people of good will the world over to lead by example and seek active means whereby they may, individually and in community, quickly reduce their emissions of green house gas emissions and speak out for engagement by their elected officials on matters of global warming.