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Basic Principles Relating to Collective Bargaining

Adopted by the General Board
February 27, 1958

We recognize the right of both employers and employees to organize for collective bargaining, and in connection with employees we believe that it is generally desirable to do so.

In all transactions between labor and management we believe that the following basic requirements should be met by both:

  1. There should be a compelling sense of responsibility for the public interest and for what is mutually fair and just.
  2. There should be a willingness to bargain collectively and in good faith and to refrain from violence.
  3. There should be recognition of the fact that in the collective bargaining process negotiation requires the existence of recognized entities, each respecting the right of the other to exist.
  4. There should be fidelity in the observation of agreements mutually entered into.
  5. There should be adherence to procedures agreed upon in advance for the peaceful settlement of issues that arise in the interpretation and application of the terms of a contract.
  6. Precautions should be taken by each side to refrain from exerting pressures, the intentions or consequences of which would be a violation of the terms of contract.
  7. The interests of the consuming and general public should be protected against possible abuses through employer-union collusion in matters of prices and trade practices.

76 For, 7 Against, 1 Abstention