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A Shared Community of Christ Prayer from President Stephen M. Veazey

Eternal God of abiding love, everlasting source of hope and peace, we prayerfully come to you in faith and humility, trusting in your compassionate concern for us and all creation.

During this time of mounting sickness and fear, when we have been asked to distance ourselves from others for the good of all, we humbly ask that you “bless the space between us” (John O’Donohue).

Give us assurance that physical space does not diminish the bonds of love and commitment that spiritually bind us together as families, friends, and as community in Christ.

Daily may we gain comfort and strength in the faithful witness of scripture, that nothing—not illness, distress, or even death—can separate us from your love and eternal purposes as revealed in Jesus Christ.

Grant to those who find themselves more isolated or alone a durable sense of their worth and place in your household, O God, a spiritual household of divine hospitality that knows no quarantines or borders. May we, as disciples and ministers of the gospel, find innovative ways to make that truth evident when more familiar forms of ministry are not available to us.

In times of personal angst for our own health and security, may we, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, hear your anointing words of blessing and feel your healing touch. May such experiences fill our souls with peace and hope.

And let us not forget those for whom concerns for health and safety are everyday realities made even more acute and burdensome now. May we continue to find ways to join with you in tending the needs of the “least of these” in our congregations, villages, cities, and nations.

O God of all people, places, and situations, we trust that there is no time or condition in which you are not already present. With that in mind, we pray that these times and circumstances, as daunting as they are, will serve to bring out the best in us as individuals, families, nations, and as a church.

We look to you, Eternal One, to be our hope and redeemer. May the peace of Christ rule in our hearts.

In Christ’s name we pray. Amen.