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“Whoever becomes humble like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

Matthew 18:4 NRSV


Our mighty and gentle Father-Mother God, reveal in us the childlike spirit that eagerly welcomes lessons of redemption and seeks to share Your gifts with a world in need, daring to defiantly hope in the face of darkness, bravely chasing the shadows away as they recede into Your perpetual light. May we at once kneel before Your omnipresent wisdom and dance in Your bright glory today, witnessing the warmth of Your love as it shines on each of Your precious children, in the name of the all-embracing Christ. Amen.

-Laura Lapointe, Christian Science practitioner

Thank you for participating in our weekly invitation to prayer. We call on you now to join us in “40 Days of Prayer to Transform: A Journey to Newness.” Beginning December 12 and moving daily through January 20, members of the National Council of Churches and all communion partners will join in praying for hope, unity, and healing. During this Advent/Christmas season and into the New Year we put our hope in the ability and desire of God, through Jesus Christ, to heal and transform hearts and minds. We look for the Holy Spirit to breathe God’s newness into individual lives, faith communities, the soul of our nation, indeed, the whole world.