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Voter Empowerment Guide

Thank you for requesting the Voter Empowerment Guide 2022. We’ve produced these materials to be as useful as possible for churches.

Get the Guide:

Download the Voter Empowerment 2022 Resource Guide as a pdf AT THIS LINK.

Access and download the Voter Empowerment 2022 Resource Guide as a Google document AT THIS LINK.

You are welcome to add your own logo to the resource guide document before distribution within your community.

Get the Faiths United to Save Democracy Toolkit:

Download the pdf AT THIS LINK.

Please register:

Tracking participation is strategically important for a campaign of this type. If you received the link from someone or found this page while searching, please go to the main Voter Empowerment page and register before using these materials so that we can track our progress together.

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Ways to Take Action in the Guide:

● PLAN YOUR CHURCH CAMPAIGN: Organize a voter engagement coordinator and/or team of volunteers to actively provide accurate voting logistical information, help get proper identification, and assist with transportation to the polls.

● EDUCATE ON CHECK-UP SUNDAYS: Teach on the issues that impact your members. Share basic voting information and highlight changes up to Election Day. Make sure all eligible voters in your congregation are registered to vote. Understand what your house of worship can legally do in elections.

● PREACH AND PRAY ON CHECK-UP SUNDAYS: Preach messages on justice, righteousness, and civic responsibility and pray for free, fair, and safe elections.

● ENGAGE LOCAL COMMUNITIES ON CHECK-IN WEDNESDAYS: Provide members with social media messages to share on their personal accounts and through their networks to encourage voter turnout. Encourage your younger members to vote.

● HOLD EXPUNGEMENT CLINICS: Work with local, county and state organizations to host expungement clinics so that eligible returning citizens can regain their right to vote.

● HOST CANDIDATE & ISSUE FORUMS: Invite candidates for local and state elections to share their views in a candidate forum or host an issue briefing about a ballot initiative or an important issue impacting your community. Invite candidates and experts to discuss the issue for the congregation and invite the surrounding community to participate.

● HOST TURNOUT SUNDAY SERVICE ON NOVEMBER 6: Prepare your House of Worship to get out and vote.

● STOP BY POLLING PLACES: Have faith leaders visit the polling sites of your members to show support and make sure voting rights are upheld. Faith leaders can also encourage voters standing in line to vote outside of polling places. Check local and state laws, many of which have changed since the last election, to find out what’s permissible.

After Election Day, watch for our survey!

We will send a survey after the campaign and hope you will share stories on how the guide was used.

Now let’s get #VoteReady!