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Help End Child Poverty

The monthly Child Tax Credits payments to families stopped in January 2022 and millions of families are still owed their 2021 Child Tax Credit. Because not everyone knows they are eligible, or that they must file a tax return in order to receive it, we ask all of our congregations and faith communities to spread the word and make sure all low- and no-income families get the information, find tax prep help, and receive their full 2021 Child Tax Credit payment.

Join the national effort to share the link to through your organization’s newsletter, social media accounts, or website from now through April 18, 2022. Encourage everyone in your community to check their eligibility then find help with tax preparation.

Due to the American Rescue Plan, passed by Congress last spring and signed into law by President Biden, parents and guardians can receive a tax credit of between $3,000 – $3,600 per child ages 0 – 17 years old. Additionally, low-income workers without dependent children are eligible to receive the Earned Income Tax Credit, which was expanded last year to include workers as young as 19 years old and workers 65 and older.