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The National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA (NCC) commends President Biden for being the first U.S. President to recognize the Armenian Genocide of the early 20th century with these words on Saturday:

“Beginning on April 24, 1915, with the arrest of Armenian intellectuals and community leaders in Constantinople by Ottoman authorities, one and a half million Armenians were deported, massacred, or marched to their deaths in a campaign of extermination. We honor the victims of the Meds Yeghern so that the horrors of what happened are never lost to history. And we remember so that we remain ever-vigilant against the corrosive influence of hate in all its forms.”

We are grateful that the President kept his pledge and formally recognized the Armenian Genocide on April 24, 2021, Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, in order to further the US commitment to human rights.