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As co-conveners of the National Muslim-Christian Initiative, a dialogue of the National Council of Churches and the US Council of Muslim Organizations, we call on President Trump to renounce the anti-Muslim propaganda he retweeted. For the last three decades, our dialogue has worked to foster greater understanding and less bigotry between Christians and Muslims.  We treasure the relationships we have developed and the respect we have for each other and one another’s faiths.

By sending these propaganda messages from extremist anti-Muslim websites, the President is undermining positive bridge building and inflaming extremism, both here and abroad.  We are deeply concerned that his action will encourage violence from all extremists, including reprisals against American diplomats and military personnel, if he does not quickly distance himself and the United States from this propaganda that was created to incite disharmony and division in society.

Respect for religious liberty is only true when we respect all religious communities. We call on our President to renounce this material and to renounce these videos.

Naeem Baig, Islamic Circle of North America
Oussama Jammal, US Council of Muslim Organizations
Antonios Kireopoulos, National Council of Churches
Richard Tafel, Swedenborgian Church