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“I’m convinced that nothing can separate us from God’s love in Christ Jesus”
––Romans 8:38

By Gilbert C. Hanke, General Secretary/ Chief Executive Officer of United Methodist Men

God of all creation, we know you have not separated from us, but it’s difficult to sense your presence in the midst of our distress.

While we will continue to trust in you, we are afraid. 

We know your love never ends, but that is why we wrestle with questions of why this pandemic is present. 

We mourn the death of thousands of unknown along with the loss of friends and family. 

We pray for the brave health workers who risk their lives to save strangers, and for those families who must wait at a distance to mourn those who have been brought home to you. 

We pray for those whose employment has unexpectedly ended, and whose futures are unclear. They are frightened and disoriented and need to find hope in your presence and promise.

We trust Paul’s words, but, the separation from friends and family is causing pain. 

In this time of division and disease, we still find reasons to be thankful.

We are grateful for those who have been distant from us whom this crisis has moved us to reconnect.

 We are thankful for the acts of bravery and unselfish giving of resources to help those impacted directly and indirectly by this pandemic. 

We are blessed by the chance to see acts of care and kindness.

But, Lord we dare to ask for more.

Bring an end to this pandemic and do so in such a way that all the world will know of your love and grace. 

We pray in the name of Jesus, the healer of all nations.