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President Biden Issues Executive Order to Reduce Gun Violence
This week, President Biden reaffirmed his commitment to reducing America’s growing gun violence epidemic by issuing an Executive Order that, among other things, requires people who sell firearms to run background checks on the sale of firearms. The order also provides resources for law enforcement and community partners to educate communities about red flag laws, which temporarily restrict a person’s ability to purchase a firearm while “trusted community members” petition a court to determine whether the person poses a threat and decrease the number of firearms stolen during the shipping process. President Biden also issued a directive to the members of his cabinet to develop a proposal to support communities that experience mass shootings. NCC commends President Biden’s continued efforts to reduce gun violence.
NCC Staff Meets with Senior Congressional Staff to Discuss Farm Bill Reauthorization
NCC staff members met with Senior House Democratic Leadership and Agriculture Committee staff to discuss the next farm bill reauthorization. Convened by House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries and Assistant Democratic Leader Jim Clyburn, the meeting brought together various faith and hunger stakeholder groups. The current farm bill reauthorization, set to expire in September 2023, funded several agricultural and food programs, including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)—a program NCC has long advocated for expanding.  During the meeting, leadership and agriculture committee staff gave updates on efforts to reauthorize the 5-year legislative package, including the newly released budget views and estimates letter detailing U.S. agricultural financial challenges, and heard from stakeholder groups.