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In January, while the east coast was being slammed with a major winter storm, scholars and leaders from around the world gathered in Morocco to put the finishing touches on “The Marrakech Declaration,” a groundbreaking statement on the imperative for Muslim-majority societies to protect the rights and freedoms of religious minorities.

In this episode we will hear from three leaders about this document and its importance to interfaith relations across the globe. We will talk to National Council of Churches President and General Secretary Jim Winkler, who took part in the January conference; Dr. Tony Kireopoulos, our resident scholar and expert on interfaith relations, and Catherine Orsborn, Director of the Shoulder-to-Shoulder initiative, a program that works to end anti-Muslim sentiment in the US.  We’ll take a look at the Marrakech Declaration and discuss its importance to the current religious and political climate both domestically and internationally.

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