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When we first started this podcast, we took a look at the problems that were occurring in Flint, Michigan, where the water has been unusable for years.  A year later, things are improving, but the problems for Flint’s water aren’t over yet.

This week we’ll talk with Ryan Cumming of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America about Flint, corruption, clean water, and how the churches have made a difference.  Big problems require big solutions, and the churches have a role to play.  I’m your host, Rev. Steven D. Martin.

Over a year ago we recorded a podcast in which we heard about the desperate situation concerning the drinking water in Flint.  Churches were helping in all kinds of ways, including delivering trucks of bottled water and assisting in shelters.  As the crisis dragged on, I’m grateful that several of our NCC member communions got involved in ways that changed the broken systems that created the problem and kept it going.

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