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When you turn on your tap water, do you take for granted the clean, fresh water that comes from the faucet?  Have you ever imagined it being so dirty, so toxic, that you couldn’t drink it at all?  Can you imagine not being able to bathe or shower in clean water?

For many persons living in the United States today, what comes out of the tap is a nightmare.  For them, the government has failed in delivering one of its most basic services.  Most recently the town of Flint, Michigan, has experienced a crisis of stunning proportions, as extremely high lead levels make tap water undrinkable.  This has exposed a serious crisis in American life, as many communities are served with tap water that is unsafe.

Guests: Shantha Ready Alonso, Executive Director, Creation Justice Ministries, and Pastor Robert Blake, Vernon Chapel AME Church, Flint, MI.

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