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A Resolution of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. Preserving United States Pharmaceutical Sales to Canada

Revised & adopted, 11/06/03


Whereas, the Gospel shares the message of hope and healing;


Whereas, on May 19, 1989, the NCC reaffirmed the “Health Care Concerns” policy and continues to advocate for health care policy that provides equal access to quality care and services;


Whereas, the cost of prescription drugs has skyrocketed, forcing many who need prescription drugs, particularly seniors and the economically disadvantaged, to make unacceptable choices between buying medicine and paying for shelter, food and clothing;


Whereas, U.S. pharmaceutical companies sell many prescription drugs to other countries, including Canada, at lower prices than they sell them in the U.S.;


Whereas, many people have been able to access more affordable prescription drugs from Canada;


Whereas, United States pharmaceutical companies are considering limiting the sale of drugs to Canadian companies that resell those drugs to US consumers more cheaply than consumers can fill their prescriptions in the US;


Therefore be it resolved that the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA urge the President, the Food and Drug Administration and Congress to work together to enact legislation which will enable US consumers to purchase prescription drugs at costs comparable to those charged by US companies to other countries.


Be it further resolved that the NCC will oppose legislative attempts to make it illegal for US consumers to purchase prescription drugs from Canada.