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By Reverend Barbara Nixon

Blessed are you healers and helpers, for you offer care without measure.

Blessed are you who must recover your health in solitude – may you know you are loved.

Blessed are you mask-makers, for you help us breath easier.

Bless are you who stay at home, for you are protecting all.

Blessed are you work to provide essentials of every kind, for you are lifelines.

Blessed are you who are worried, for you anticipate what can go wrong.

Blessed are you who worry not, for you show us hope and courage.

Blessed are the introverts, for you show us the joys of solitude.

Blessed are you extroverts, for you remind all of a bigger life.

Blessed are you who create in all ways, for you feed our spirits with beauty and laughter.

Blessed are you working in newsrooms, for you keep us connected in the search for honest answers.

Blessed are you good neighbors, for yours is an appreciative neighborhood.

Blessed are you who never lose sight of the big picture, for you remind us to notice more than our limited experience. 

Blessed are you who pray and ponder and meditate and hold silence and speak with heart, for you ground us all in the truth of love.

Blessed are you who dream, for you are helping us rise into a more beautiful life together.