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On Wednesday we celebrated Earth Day, a day that has been celebrated every year since 1970 on April 22nd.  It’s a day for raising awareness of human activity’s negative impact upon the earth and is a day for political action and civic participation as well.  It’s the culmination of an entire month of focus on the environment, and for people of faith, it has a special significance as a day of reverence for God’s creating and sustaining work.

Creation Justice Ministries has committed itself to its theme for 2020,  “The Fierce Urgency of Now.” We know we have ten years to take action to avert the most catastrophic damage to the life-sustaining climate God blessed us with and entrusted to our care. This is Earth Month, and my guest is the executive director of Creation Justice Ministries, Shantha Ready Alonso.  Shantha is a tireless advocate among faith leaders in the US, and today she will reinforce just how fiercely urgent our collective action on behalf of the planet is.