NCC Awards for Excellence in Faithful Leadership

Each year at the Christian Unity Gathering, we hold an awards banquet in which leaders of the ecumenical and interfaith community are honored for their exceptional, exemplary leadership. We hope you will nominate leaders you believe are worthy of these prestigious awards.

J. Irwin Miller Award

The J. Irwin Miller Award is given to a layperson who has demonstrated a commitment to church unity, and who, by living out this commitment through action in the world, has been a witness to justice and other values affirmed by our common faith in Jesus Christ.

Award for Interfaith Leadership

For perhaps 50 years, the National Council of Churches has been involved in interfaith relations. This pioneering history has included interfaith dialogues: one of our first interfaith partners was the Jewish community, and indeed dialogue with the Muslim community began some four decades ago. Today our dialogues with other faith groups include the Hindu and Buddhist communities. This history has also included collaboration for justice, and our partners have included leaders and other representatives from all of these and other faith communities, as well as interfaith groups and coalitions that have peace as their ultimate goal. This award is given to a person, lay or clergy, who embodies the spirit of interfaith dialogue and peace that NCC works to build in the world.

President’s Award for Excellence in Faithful Leadership

The President’s Award for Excellence in Faithful Leadership is given as a way to reward, promote, and encourage faithful, risk-taking leadership among faith leaders, and particularly among younger faith leaders, in our midst.

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