Common Witness

For over a century, the ecumenical movement in the United States has been a major voice of Christian conscience to the nation. Here is a collection of some of the most important statements made by the National Council of Churches and its officers. These include policy statements, resolutions, and statements delivered by the General Secretaries.


NCC and Creation Justice Ministries applaud developments at Standing Rock

A Call to the President-Elect

Statement by General Secretaries Rev. Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit and Jim Winkler given at the NCC/WCC Consultation on the Holy Land

NCC Welcomes New Rules on Solitary Confinement, Life Sentences for Juveniles


NCC Urges Hospitality, Care Toward Refugees

Keep Our Elections Free From Hateful Rhetoric

Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

Joint Statement on Normalizing U.S. – Cuba Relations by the NCC and the Cuban Council of Churches


National Council of Churches issues statement on the upcoming grand jury action in Ferguson, MO


Policy on The Church and Children: Vision and Goals for the 21st Century

Sharing the Gospel in a Religiously Plural World: A Policy Statement on Evangelism


The Authority of the Church in the World

Resolution on the Violence in Iraq

A Call to Ratify the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START II)

Resolution on Myanmar

A Call to End the War in Afghanistan

A Call to Action on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Message on Honoring the Sacredness of Religious Others

Ending Gun Violence


Nuclear Disarmament: The Time is Now

Resolution on Environmental Health


Resolution on Human Trafficking

Resolution on Immigration and a Call to Action


A Social Creed for the 21st Century

Resolution on the Responsibility to Protect

Resolution on the Rights of Haitians of Dominican Descent in the Dominican Republic

Reaffirmation of Our Commitments to Peace in the Middle East, in Light of the 1980 Middle East Policy Statement

Response to Christian Zionism

Call for a Worldwide Ban on Human Reproductive Cloning

Resolution on Biotechnology and National Security

Resolution on the House of Representatives’ Legislation Recognizing the Armenian Genocide


Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: A Policy on Human Biotechnologies

Resolution on Global Warming

Pastoral Message on the War in Iraq

A Christian Response to the 400th Anniversary Commemoration of the Founding of Jamestown, VA


Pastoral Messages to Alexandria and Constantinople

Resolution on Christmas Gift Aid for Bethlehem, Palestine, Israel and Lebanon

Resolution on Just Rebuilding of the Gulf Coast

Resolution on the Threat to Civil and Religious Liberties in Post-9/11 America

Bill of Media Rights

A Statement on the Disavowal of Torture

Resolution to Reaffirm Commitment to the Voting Rights Act


A Message of Pastoral Concern on the Death of Yasir Arafat

Letter to African-American Baptist Conventions on their Joint Board Meeting

Letter to the Armed Forces Chaplains’ Board

Policy on The Church and Children: Vision and Goals for the 21st Century

Resolution on the Continuing Crisis in Sudan

Action on Dialogue Among U.S. Christians on Christian Values

An Open Letter to U.S. Christians (on the Election)


Resolution on the Recognition of the Jerusalem Patriarch

Resolution on the Conflict in the Middle East

Resolution on the Mount Olive Pickle Boycott

Preserving U.S. Pharmaceutical Sales to Canada

The Churches and Public School

Resolution to Endorse the Taco Bell Boycott Called by the C.I.W.


Resolution Establishing an Exploratory Commission on Human Genetic Technologies

Resolution Recognizing the Patriarch of Jerusalem

After September 11th, 2001: Public Policy Considerations for the United States of America

Resolution on Sudan

Resolution Expressing Appreciation of the USCCB Statement on Iraq


“For the Faithful Living of These Days”

Out of the Ashes and Tragedy of September 11, 2001

Resolution on the Reauthorization of TANF and Related Programs


Resolution on AIDS in Africa

Development of a Comprehensive Policy Statement on Africa

Expanding the Ecumenical Vision

General Secretary’s Annual Report to the General Assembly

Resolution on Conflict in the Middle East

Resolution in Support of Farm Workers Organizing in North Carolina

Mobilization to Overcome Poverty

Draft Protocol for a Mobilization to Overcome Poverty

Resolution on Vieques, Puerto Rico


Pillars of Peace for the 21st Century

Resolution on the Use of Children as Soldiers

The Churches and Public Schools

Resolution for a Renewed Faith Community Universal Health Care Campaign

Resolution on the International Criminal Court

Interfaith Relations and the Churches


Policy on Disabilities, the Body of Christ, and the Wholeness of Society

Resolution on the Jubilee 2000 Campaign

Debate on Humanitarian Impact of Sanctions


Resolution on Continued Support for Affirmative Action

Policy on No Barriers for Deaf People in Churches

Report of the Ecclesiology Study Task Force

Resolution on Anti-Personnel Landmines

Resolution on Organ and Tissue Donation

Resolution on Paper Use

Resolution on Clemency for Leonard Peltier

Resolution on the 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Churches and the News Media


The Churches’ Role in Media Education and Communication Advocacy

Human Rights: The Fulfillment of Life in the Social Order


Global Communication for Justice

Violence in Electronic Media and Film


Family Violence and Abuse


Genetic Science for Human Benefit

Elementary and Secondary Public Education in the Society


Policy Statement on Child Day Care

Policy Statement on Racial Justice


Immigration, Refugees and Migrants


Challenges to the Injustice of the Criminal Justice System


The Complete Cessation of All Explosive Nuclear Testing

Resolution on Nuclear Weapons


Evangelism Today


Human Hunger and the World Food Crisis


Abolition of the Death Penalty

World Poverty and the Demands of Justice


The Primacy of Conscience

Firearms Control


The Churches and Immigration


Responsible Parenthood


Basic Principles Relating to Collective Bargaining


United States’ Immigration and Naturalization Policy


The Social Creed of the Churches