Resolution on Organ, Tissue Transplantation

Adopted Nov. 12, 1997, by the NCC General Assembly

WHEREAS, approximately 54,000 people are on the national waiting list for transplants of solid organs (kidneys, livers hearts, lungs, etc.) and tissues nearly 50% of whom are from minority groups; and

WHEREAS, eight to ten people die each day in the U.S. while waiting for organs and tissue to become available; and

WHEREAS, the national Minority Organ and Tissue Transplantation Education Program (MOTTEP) has, through its educational programs, greatly increased the availability of organs and tissues for transplants;

NOW therefore be it resolved:

* that the National Council of Churches of Christ, USA, through the Health Care Ministries of the National Ministries Unit, the Black Church Liaison Committee and the Washington Office on Public Policy, commits itself to working to advance awareness of and education about the life saving potential of transplantation; and

* that the Council encourages it member communions to do the same, giving special attention to the annual National Donor Sabbath in November and to the continuing educational efforts of MOTTEP,

* when feasible, use Department of Health and Human Services material for the same educational purposes regarding organ and tissue transplantation.

* and initiate a study of the ethical implications of marketing, buying and selling of organs and transplant tissue and report to this body next year.