Plan and Timeline for a Protocol on the Mobilization to
Overcome Poverty to Present to the General Assembly

Adopted by the National Council of Churches Executive Board
October 3, 2000

BE IT RESOLVED by the Executive Board of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA (NCCC) as follows:

1. That the member communions of the NCCC be called upon to commit themselves to active participation in a significant program initiative to develop a mobilization to overcome poverty.

2. The Executive Board affirms its May actions to assign responsibility for developing goals and a working plan for a ten year ecumenical mobilization to overcome poverty to a task group made up of members of the following working groups and entities within the NCC: Economic Justice/Hunger Concerns; Justice for Women; Racial Justice; Ministries in Christian Education; Justice for Children and their Families; The NCCC Washington; Ecumenical Networks; Other interested groups within the NCC such as Faith and Order, Inclusiveness and Justice; Staff as assigned by the General Secretary.

3. Each group will appoint up to three persons to collaborate in the further development of a working plan to be presented to the Executive Board in February 2001. This group will be convened by NCC staff with the leadership of the General Secretary.

4. Reaffirms that this NCC group will work collegially in conjunction with other Christian churches, especially Evangelicals, Pentecostals, and Roman Catholics as this initiative finds connection with the initiative to expand the ecumenical vision.

5. Reaffirms that the project will collaborate with the Washington Inter-religious Staff Community, ecumenical agencies at all levels, and with partner organizations such as the Coalition on Human Needs, the Welfare Information Network, Bread for the World, Call to Renewal, and Children's Defense Fund.

6. In addition to resources from the participating groups, revised drafts of a protocol will be brought forward in light of Executive Board discussions. Documents that have been part of the Executive Board conversation and notes gathered in the dialogues at the October Executive Board and November 2000 General Assembly, will be referred to this task group to inform the development of the mobilization to overcome poverty.