Lesson 10: August 6, 2017

Called to Witness: Acts 6:1-8

Teaching Strategy: Ask participants to brainstorm a list of crises and necessities of our society. Discuss how these issues can be opportunities for the church to evangelize and to serve those in need.


In this story of discord in the early church, we are told that there were complaints because some widows were left out of the food distribution. The disciples responded by dividing responsibilities: some (“the seven”) were chosen to serve those in need (similar to deacons in many traditions today) and others were appointed to serve the Word of God as witnesses. This “allocation of resources” was based upon the tasks that needed to be done, individuals’ spiritual gifts for such tasks, and the ongoing prayers of the community.

Invite participants to prayerfully consider: What are the most urgent tasks that the church needs to be doing today? Who are the people who are “left out” – whose needs the church is called to meet? What is the Word of God that needs to be spoken today? To whom? What are the spiritual gifts available within the church community to serve those in need and to bear witness to the Word of God? How can the community use its gifts to fulfill both of these roles most effectively?

Summer 2016-17 Theme: God’s Urgent Call

Unifying Principle: Recognizing priorities is a continuing challenge. How do we allocate resources in such a way that these priorities are appropriately addressed? The apostles realized that God calls us to make the best use of our specific gifts so that the witness of God can be accomplished.

Posted on: July 31, 2017, by : Sharon Harris-Ewing