Lesson 12: February 19, 2017

Freedom in Christ: Galatians 5:1-17

Teaching Strategy: Write the letters


so that they appear vertically on the left edge of newsprint or a whiteboard. Working in small groups create an acronym using each letter to name attributes of “freedom” as expressed in Galatians 5. Compare and contrast Paul’s teaching on Christian freedom with how “freedom” is used in today’s news or popular culture.

Here is one example of what your “freedom” acronym might look like:

F = faith working through love

R = responsive to the Spirit

E = eager for righteousness

E = enslaved to one another

D = dedicated to love

O = opposed to hate

M = mastery over fleshly desires

After your group creates their own list of the attributes of Christian freedom, consider popular definitions of “freedom” by today’s standards. Do an Internet search for “freedom” or search on social media sites such as YouTube or Twitter. Look up #freedom.  How are these popular visions of freedom aligned (or not) with the freedom we claim through Christ?

Winter 2016-17 Theme: Creation

Unifying Principle: Rigorous self-discipline is appealing to some because it seems to promise mastery over temptation. What is the key to living a morally acceptable life? Paul urges the Galatians to stand firm in Christian freedom and to live by the Spirit, which leads to greater holiness, not greater self-indulgence.

Posted on: February 16, 2017, by : Tammy Wiens