Lesson 5: October 2, 2016

The Real Jesus: Hebrews 1

Teaching Strategy: Ask each participant to make a list of persons he/she could trust as guides for living and the attributes that make the person(s) trustworthy. Give participants opportunity to share their responses. 


This week we heard the first presidential debate and a number of commentators have weighed in with post-debate analysis.  In making connections between Lesson 5 and today’s news, ask participants to consider what personal qualities voters might reasonably expect in a presidential candidate.  Without engaging in a debate over the strengths or shortcomings of any particular candidate, invite participants to make a list of attributes that instill their sense of trust in a political leader.  Repeat the exercise, but instead, make a list of attributes that inspire trust in a spiritual leader.  Compare and contrast the two lists.  Discuss why (or why not) we hold political and spiritual leaders to different standards.

Some links to fuel discussion:


Fall 2016 Theme: The Sovereignty of God

Lesson 5, Unifying Principle: People seek guidance for their lives but may question who is the appropriate person to give direction. Who should they trust to provide direction in their quest for guidance? Christ, the reflection of God’s glory, is the one who addresses life’s questions with a powerful and sustaining word.


Posted on: September 27, 2016, by : Tammy Wiens