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The A.C.T. Now to End Racism initiative of the National Council of Churches urges the NCC, its members and partners to Awaken to the many manifestations of white supremacy and racism especially in the church, to Confront the need for change, and to work to Transform church and society into a reflection of the inclusive and equitable reign of God.

ACT Now is a recent call, but NCC members and partners have been engaged in the work against racism for many decades. Indeed, the very existence of the Historic African American Churches constitutes faithfulness to an inclusive gospel of justice and peace and resistance to racism and white supremacy. Over the years, NCC member communions have developed educational resources and tools fitting their context to further the struggle for racial justice and equity. Here you can find a library of materials for study, discussion, analysis, strategizing, and organizing. Wherever you are on your journey for justice, you are likely to find something here to help you take the next step.

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(listed Alphabetically, includes NCC member communions and partners)


Resource Links

Alliance of Baptists “Trouble the Water” is a Christian Resource for individual and congregations endeavoring to take seriously the work of social justice
A Facebook Forum for members of the Alliance of Baptists Racial Justice and Multicultural (RJM) Community
Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Recommended reading list from Ore Spragin (Editor, The Christian Index):
The History of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 1870-2009 by Rev. Dr. Ore Spragin
Discipleship: creation, covenant, community (Reader resource series) by Marshall Gilmore
The History and Heritage of African American Churches: A Way Out of No Way by L.H. Whelchel
Miles College: The First Hundred Years (AL) (College History) by Miles College Centennial History Committee
The Genius of the Black Preacher by L.H. Whelchel
Receive Her: A Woman’s Struggle for Acceptance in the Ministry by Rev. Hazel Jordan Kirksey
Christian Science Church Articles on Healing Racism
Community of Christ “Local Diversity Team Guide” at
Episcopal Church Racial Reconciliaton
Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCA) Race Conversations Resource
The National Baptist Convention, USA National Baptist Voice Magazine
Regular features in top denominational magazine on current issues that the National Church body is engaged in, often reflecting issues on race
Thou Dear God Prayers That Open Hearts and Spirits
Martin Luther King prayers, etc. that is a favorite mediational
History of the National Baptist Convention USA
A history of how one of the Historic African American churches, the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc., was born in the context
of racism and proactively established its own independent ecclesial response.
Jubilee Black History Series
The adult and child curriculum series of Black History used in NBC churches as a Christian supplement to Biblical and African
American Baptist foundational formation.
What it Means to be Black and Christian vol.1
What it Means to be Black and Christian vol 2
This is a two-part series on perspectives of what it means to be Christian and African American edited by the President of our
Bible College, American Baptist Bible College.
People of Color in Every Book of the Bible
A book that offers a corrective to white images in the Bible
Presbyterian Church (USA) Downloadable Resources “Facing Racism: A Vision of the Beloved Community” (see the two below)
Facing Racism: Vision of Beloved Community
Facing Racism: PCUSA
Doctrine of Discovery: (see the two below)
Racial Equity Ministries: Doctrine of Discovery
Facing Racism: PCUSA Item 41901
PCUSA What We Do: Advocacy Social Justice
Religious Society of Friends Quakers, Racism and Blessed Community – Video and discussion questions
General Conference Resources to help meet the challenge of racism
Impact of Ministry on Racism-article and links to resources
Addressing Racism – Report and Resources Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
Resources in Addressing Racism
Healing Racism: toolkit and library of resources for understanding, overcoming and healing racism
Multicultural Audit Committee On Racism: report and resources
United Church of Christ Sacred Conversations to End Racism: Introduction to a Restorative Justice Curriculum
White Privilege Let’s Talk: A resource for Transformational Dialogue
Environmental Justice Ministries: Toxic Waste and Race at Twenty – complete report
A Church for All People: Becoming a Multiracial and Multicultural Church – Bible Study
Financial Reparations and the Persistent Economic Effects of Slavery, Segregation, Discrimination, and Racism – a Report
Also recommended by Dr. Velda Love, Minister for Racial Justice, United Church of Christ:
Towards the “Other America”: Anti-Racist Resources for White People Taking Action for Black Lives Matter.” by Chris Crass
United Methodist Church Rethink Church
10 Ways to Become more Faithful than Post-Racial
What is Internalized Oppression? Article
Video: Vital Conversations on Racism. Dr. Robin Diangelo
Identity Politics and Social Location – A Learning Resource with questions and exercises
Vital Conversations 4: Race, Culture, the Church, and Human Sexuality
25 Traits of The Beloved Community
Making the Beloved Community Real. Based on 25 Traits
Workbook: Implicit Bias
10 Honorable Ways to Learn about Another Culture
Equity vs. Equality
Escaping the Cycle of Individual Racism
Stereotypes vs. Generalizations
From Talk about White Privilege to Action:
Wait… That’s Privilege?
5 Ways of Diversifying the Table
Is Reverse Racism Really a Thing?
Affiliate Resources:
Alliance to End Hunger Alliance to End Hunger: Zero Hunger
National Council of Churches United Against Racism: Churches for Change. The National Council of Churches.
Book (Prayers and questions to promote prayer, dialogue and meaningful action for racial equity and the beloved community.)
United Against Racism: Facilitator’s Guide – Friendship Press
Companion to United Against Racism: Churches for Change.
The authors desire to join with other learners to pursue and to practice an authentic Christianity, a religion free of racism.

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