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National Council of Churches

We Pray Now

We pray now for our elected officials–that they would place the needs of those who have fallen ill at the center of their concern and that they would prioritize the

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Growing Nearer to You, God

Almighty God, we know you move and work in mysterious ways. In ways we do not always understand, but we know Lord, you are either working things out for our

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Peace Be With You

When Jesus first revealed himself to the disciples after his resurrection, his first words were “peace be with you”. This simple greeting covered all the emotions the disciples were feeling

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Nothing to Worry About

I remember being told that if you have God as your Father and the Church as your mother you have nothing to worry about. I have been giving much thought

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Free From Fear

O Lord, Our God, thank you for the cross of Christ and the power it gives for us to live in freedom from fear and brings reconciliation with God. Thank

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