About Interreligious Relations and Collaboration

The Interreligious Relations and Collaboration Convening Table is composed of persons with theological and/or practical expertise in interfaith relationships and are drawn from member and non-member communions, ecumenical and interfaith organizations, and related organizations with concern for interfaith work.  

The Convening Table seeks to be inclusive of a variety of viewpoints and traditions regarding interfaith relations. The work of the Table is carried out in consultation with other faith communities. Convening Table members meet regularly to:

  • study interfaith issues,
  • build relationships between the churches and people of other religious traditions,
  • develop opportunities for the fullest possible sharing of ideas and counsel among the churches on the topic of interfaith relations,
  • nurture relationships with local and national ecumenical and interfaith bodies,
  • promote interreligious dialogue and understanding,
  • assist the NCC-member churches in developing their relationships with other faith communities,
  • provide resources for the churches for education in interreligious relations, and to promote interfaith study, dialogue, and common action.

Staff: Dr. Antonios Kireopoulos, Associate General Secretary, Faith & Order and Interfaith Relations, National Council of Churches. 917-287-1144, [email protected]

Co-Conveners: Rev. Dr. Christine Hong, Presbyterian Church (USA) and Rev. Karen Georgia Thompson, United Church of Christ.