Fight Mass Incarceration:
Support Criminal Justice Reform

A broad bi-partisan agreement has been reached on criminal justice reform.

A bill currently before the Senate (S.2123) reduces mandatory minimum sentences, increases opportunities to earn time credits for early release, adds limits to the use of solitary confinement on juveniles, and creates new reporting requirements to ensure that returning citizens are prepared to contribute to their home communities.

We've created an infographic that helps explain the problem of mass incarceration in simple terms, and how the bill currently before the Senate addresses key aspects of the problem. Download this infographic and share with friends; it's free to use.

Also, we've created a simple online tool to use to advocate for an end to mass incarceration. Use this to tell your Senator to sign on as a co-sponsor and to support this bi-partisan legislation!

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Get our free infographic to use on your website, social media, or to print out so others can understand the mass incarceration crisis and how this bill helps.

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