Lesson 3: December 17, 2017

Faith to Persevere: Acts 14:8-11, 19-23


Teaching Strategy: Have participants talk about how they face doctrinal and practical conflicts that arise when Christians of different faith traditions seek to minister together, such as the prosperity gospel, same sex marriage, gays and lesbians in the pulpit, etc. How do these controversies affect their Christian life and ministry?


Increased – even extreme – polarization in the U.S. has affected not only partisan politics, but also the unity and ministry of Christian churches and denominations. For some believers loyalty to a particular party has become more important than living that is faithful to Christ and consistent with his teaching. Ultimate allegiance to God has been replaced by ultimate and unquestioning allegiance to America as they envision it. With regard to particular issues, such as acceptance of LGBTQ persons and marriage equality, or attitudes about the Middle East, the differences among Christian perspectives are profound and seemingly insurmountable. In these difficult times all Christians are challenged to live in accordance with their understanding of God’s will and at the same time seek the unity that is promised in Christ. We can do so only with God’s help.


Winter 2017 Theme: Faith in Action

Unifying Principle: Sometimes the good things we do are blocked by an unexpected obstruction, but we pick up and go on anyway. What gives us the strength to keep going? Even though he was stoned and persecuted, Paul’s faith in his message impelled him to continue to proclaim the good news of God.


Posted on: December 11, 2017, by : Sharon Harris-Ewing