Lesson 12: November 20, 2016

Living Waters: Revelation 22:1-7

Teaching Strategy: Provide a water cycle chart and an activity to help participants understand how our rivers and streams fit into the cycle. Then, work together to create a list of ten or more of the world’s major rivers. Look up two or three names of rivers on the Internet in order to learn something about the people who depend on these rivers for their health and quality of life (see a few examples, below). 

In John’s Revelation of God’s glorious new world, the river will nourish and heal everything in the city. Its an apt metaphor because we recognize the centrality of healthy rivers to life on our planet. When a water source is cut off or unsanitary it creates a life-threatening situation. Make time for prayers of thanksgiving and petition.  Give thanks for all the ways in which you are blessed by a clean and healthy supply of water. Pray for God’s healing in countries where the rivers run dry, where water is contaminated, where war removes access to water, where food cannot grow. Pray God’s protection over the rivers of the world and over the lives of those who depend on these rivers. For example:

  • The people of Peru who are diligently working to save the yellow-spotted Amazon River turtles by releasing 500,000 baby turtles back into the wild by mid-November.
  • The people living in the Juba and Shabelle river basins. After months of drought in Somalia and Ethiopia there is now a high risk of flooding, especially in areas with open river banks / weak river embankments.
  • The volunteers who train in order to protect the people, fish, and wildlife that rely on the Columbia River — it runs 1200 miles along the coast of the Pacific Northwest in both the United States and Canada.

Fall 2016 Theme: The Sovereignty of God

Lesson 12, Unifying Principle: People are aware that rivers give life and nourishment to the things that exist around them. How do rivers nourish our lives? According to John, in the new world, God’s power will be in the river and will nourish and heal everything in the city.


Posted on: November 17, 2016, by : Tammy Wiens