Lesson 3: September 18, 2016

Everything Begins With God: Isaiah 40

Teaching Strategy: List things that make you question God.

For example…

  • Relentless violence in Syria and the tragic plight of Syrian and Armenian Christians who are forced to live as refugees in other countries.
  • Fear instilled in the hearts of young protesters in Hong Kong by China’s threat of punishment.
  • Poverty and civil unrest in South Sudan.
  • Drought in Ethiopia.
  • Racial tensions that continue to escalate all over the United States during this election year.

How do we persist in our faith despite our questions?

The Psalms teach us to offer our praise to God even in the face of our complaints and distresses (see for example, Psalm 13, 22, 77). Many Christian hymns affirm Israel’s pattern for prayer, perhaps none more renowned than Horatio Spafford’s, “It is Well With My Soul.” God hears our prayers.

Fall 2016 Theme: The Sovereignty of God

Lesson 3, Unifying Principle: We often place loyalty in people or systems to sustain and guide our lives. Are these systems able to sustain us? Isaiah declares that God is the absolute power in whom we should depend.

Posted on: September 12, 2016, by : Tammy Wiens