Month: December 2016

Lessons 5-9: January, 2017

Praising God: Psalm 33, Psalm 96, Psalm 65, Psalm 104, Psalm 148

Teaching Strategy: List hymns and choruses that praise God as Creator and compare them to creation Psalms in the Old Testament. Then, use the hymns you’ve selected to design a praise and worship service organized around the Psalms.

Winter 2016-17 Theme: Creation

January overview: The five lessons of Unit II draw from Psalms that praise God as Sovereign Creator. “Praise from and for God’s Creation,” also highlights praise for God that emanates from creation itself.

Lessons 1-4: December, 2016

Advent and Christmas: Luke 1 and 2

Faith Interaction Matrix: What response of faith can we make when we meet Christ in the world today?

“And the Word became flesh.” God, who creates out of sheer nothingness, chooses to take on human-ness in order to make Divinity more comprehensible to us. God reaches into our earthly existence from somewhere beyond the limits of our knowing. Why an enormously huge God would invite us, lesser creatures, into a loving relationship is inconceivable. The Gospels tell us that God chose to come “in the flesh” at a single point in history. But, Christians have come to believe that we see Christ in limitless incarnations. Through eyes of faith, God comes to us in the flesh and we see Christ in those around us. I believe the Word was made flesh today in the lady who wished me “Merry Christmas” at the McDonald’s drive-thru window.  I’m sure I saw a glimpse of Christ in the smile of my 14-year old nephew when he thanked me for the “best Christmas present ever.” We experience the Word made flesh every time we absorb the love of family and friends. Faith can be a bit confounding at times, but “the Word made flesh” is something accessible to us when we look for Christ in one another. We can bring grace, and forgiveness, and healing to one another on account of Christ at work in the world.  Share with one another the “little incarnations” of the Christmas season. Where have you seen Christ in another person this Christmas? How did you make a connection between this ordinary moment and God’s work of faith in you?

Winter 2016-17 Theme: Creation

December overview: “The Savior Has Been Born,” consists of four lessons developed from the Gospel of Luke. Lessons 1 and 2 offer a study of how Mary, a virgin, received and joyfully accepted the announcement that she had been highly favored by God to give birth to God’s Son and the story of her cousin Elizabeth’s affirmation of the same. Lesson 3 studies John’s mission as the forerunner of the Savior. The Christmas Day lesson deals with the birth of Jesus and the circumstances and events pursuant to it.