Resolution on Paper Use

Adopted Nov. 12, 1997, By the NCC General Assembly

Christians are called to be stewards of God's creation and to protect and restore creation for future generations.

Trees, which continue to be the major source of paper, are renewable, but take a long time to be replaced. Great care should be given to the use of paper.

Paper is also often processed in chlorine which is one of the three largest sources of dioxin. Dioxin can cause cancer, reproductive impairments and in other ways can threaten human health.

Therefore, upon the recommendation of the National Ministries Unit, the General Assembly of the National Council of the Churches of Christ:

1. Requests all unit officers of the National Council of the Churches of Christ, USA to engage in the following three step process.

Step One:

* Use recycled paper except in the production of lengthy publications which would be prohibitively expensive.

* Recycle all paper.

* Duplicate materials on both sides of the paper.

Step Two:

* Increase the use of paper which is dioxin free with a non chlorine bleach and the use of soy inks.

Step Three:

* Increase the use of tree-free paper.

2. Requests all member communions of the National Council of the Churches of Christ to adopt similar policies and to urge their congregations to do the same.