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CJM and NCC Lament Withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement

Creation Justice Ministries and the National Council of Churches join together in sorrow and lament at President Trump’s announcement that the United States will withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement.  We believe this withdrawal endangers a sustainable future, departs from the will of the whole world, and breaks the Great Commandment to love God and
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NCC Remembers, With Prayers, Victims of Portland Attack

This past week, our country witnessed heroism that often happens unseen. In Portland, Oregon, three men came to the defense of two teenage girls, one of them an African-American and one of them wearing a hijab, who were being verbally assaulted by a white supremacist because of the girl’s Muslim faith. In the altercation, two
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National Council of Churches Condemns Bombing in Iraq

Earlier today ISIS set off bombs targeting young families and the elderly. One bomb went off in a Baghdad ice cream parlor where children and their parents were enjoying desserts; the other exploded outside a Baghdad office where retirees were collecting their pensions. In all, 22 children, men, and women were killed, and 85 were
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Ecumenism in Rhode Island

Many people think that the National Council of Churches is a top-down structure, but it’s really not.  The ecumenical movement is just that: a MOVEMENT, and it’s made up of people who believe that we’re better off focusing on our commonalities more than on our differences. Today we will talk with Don Anderson, head of
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NCC Condemns Terrorist Attacks in Manchester, Minya Province

This past week the world witnessed a heinous terrorist attack against young people attending a pop concert in Manchester, England.  Along with all people of goodwill, the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA condemns this horrific act of violence, and we mourn for the victims alongside their families and friends.  
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Norfolk Underwater (video)

On May 9, 2017, the governing boards of the National Council of Churches and Creation Justice Ministries met together in Norfolk, Virginia, to learn how climate change is impacting the people and churches of the city.  Here’s a little of what we found out. Please share among your networks.

This Week’s Nuclear Accident (podcast)

While the nation was focused on the firing of FBI Director James Comey, a few other major news items were swept under the rug.  One of those was a mishap at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, a legacy of the Manhattan Project during World War II. Today we will talk with Paul Carroll, program officer of
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“Holy Spokes”: Bicycling, Urban Living, and Experiencing God (podcast)

Have you ever considered that riding a bicycle might not be just a good way to exercise and get around town, but it might also be a good spiritual practice?  Biking in the city may seem difficult and even treacherous to some, but author and ecumenist Laura Everett believes biking might be a key to
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Peace or War on the Peninsula? (podcast)

During Ecumenical Advocacy Days, a delegation from the National Council of Churches in Korea came to visit the United States and meet with Senate offices and the State Department.  Their message?  Koreans, from both the North and South, are terrified of war. In this episode, we will talk with three leaders from the National Council
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NCC Urges Churches to Refrain From Intervening in Political Campaigns

WASHINGTON: The National Council of Churches expresses opposition to the regrettable Executive Order entitled, “Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty,” signed today by President Trump.  This executive order does not promote free speech or religious liberty. Churches do not face or experience any discrimination because of the Johnson Amendment, the section of the Internal Revenue
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