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Turning Religion Inside Out

an interview with Dr. Gwynne Guibord of the Guibord Center As it seems to become more and more difficult to have discussions that cross party lines, the faith community has resources that could be models for every kind of difficult discussion.  Going far beyond the typical models of dialogue, Gwynne Guibord is bringing people together
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An Open Letter From Americans of Faith to President Donald Trump

Dear President Trump: As people of faith, we write to you out of profound concern over the rise in tensions between the United States and North Korea.  We recognize the unfortunate choice of language and careless posturing of Kim Jong Un.  For the sake of peace, however, we urge you to cease utilizing bellicose language
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A Message Following the National Council of Churches’ Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, September, 2017

From September 6-16 2017, a delegation of ten representatives of the NCC’s member churches traveled to Lebanon, Egypt, and Israel / Palestine on our first such official delegation in ten years. Bishop Darin Moore, NCC board chair, and Jim Winkler, NCC president and general secretary, led the delegation which traveled to the region to mark
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Peace Under Fire?

An interview with Rev. Michael Neuroth As the war in Afghanistan continues into its 16th year, the United States continues down a course of continual warfare and blank-check funding of the American military.  Use of force often seems as though it’s both a first and last resort.  But the little-known US Institute of Peace maintains
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Hurricane Irma: Remember the Poor and Marginalized

The National Council of Churches joins in prayer and solidarity with the people of Florida who were nearly universally affected by Hurricane Irma over the weekend of September 9-10, 2017.  Many experienced loss of property, most experienced trauma and some will be putting their lives back together months or even years from now. We are
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DACA and What’s Next

After hinting at it for weeks, President Trump this week announced his plan to do away with the program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, over the next six months, as he urges Congress to take up the matter of replacing it with solid legislation.  Activists fear that Congress, with an already
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It’s Time to Bring Justice for the Dreamers

You shall not oppress a resident alien; you know the heart of an alien, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt.   -Exodus 23:9 NRSV The National Council of Churches expresses strong opposition to President Trump’s plan to phase out the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.  Hundreds of thousands of people, brought
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National Council of Churches and its Member Communions Respond to Hurricane Harvey

The National Council of Churches mourns the loss of life and the forced displacement of thousands caused by Hurricane Harvey. We are grateful many of our member communions have responded with relief efforts to aid those who are suffering as a result of the unprecedented amount of rain that has affected Houston, Harris County, and
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Joint Statement by Rev. Dr. Franklyn Richardson and Dr. Jim Winkler

JOINT STATEMENT BY REV. DR. FRANKLYN RICHARDSON (CHAIRMAN, CONFERENCE OF NATIONAL BLACK CHURCHES) AND DR. JIM WINKLER (PRESIDENT AND GENERAL SECRETARY, NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHURCHES) The white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, is a stain on the soul and fabric of our country.  The sight of protesters carrying torches and shouting white nationalist slogans and
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When Neo-Nazis Called Pastors “Heretics” in Charlottesville

One of the primary ways I process information I don’t understand is to place it within the confines of a frame. That frame may be intellectual or visual.  I might not have been able to bear being an eyewitness to the events in Charlottesville this past Saturday if I had not had my camera to
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